Our mission is to distribute and archive works of time-based art. Each issue highlights artists working in new or experimental media, whose works are best documented in video or sound.

No Junk

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No Junk
10-minute excerpt
with commentary by John Bell

No Junk is a series of videos created in collaboration by Seattle based artist Kayo Nakamura and Providence artist J.R. Uretsky. Initiated by Nakamura in 2009, the No Junk project is an interesting look into a creative world generated by two artists on opposite sides of the United States. The eleven video series is guided by a loose set of rules that are continually being enforced, broken and reinvented as the videos progress. The main restraint being that each artist is to recreate the previous No Junk video without purchasing items to create the work. The “found” nature of the works create a particular attention to every day objects while highlighting an urgency to create, perform and discover through collaborative processes.