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Confessions Coming Soon

Confessions Coming Soon
with commentary by Bill Arning
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Confessions Coming Soon is a trailer to the film The Confessions of Roee Rosen. In this commercial, the artist's nine years old son, Hillel, is pitching the work in English, a language he does not speak or understand. This fit of puppet-mastery is attained by having the child read from a teleprompter a transliteration into Hebrew letters of the English text. Thus, the piece is a trailer wherein not a single frame of the actual film is seen, but the principle mechanism is demonstrated (being that Rosen's "confessions" are delivered in Hebrew by three illegal foreign workers residing in Israel, who do not speak the language).
Following DVD packaging, the trailer is one of several "special additions" accompanying Rosen's film (along with a gag-reel and a "bonus track"). The trailer is literally doubled in terms of style. Shot in a green room, it imagery and sound befitting the B movie legacy of its themes (possession, speaking in tongues etc); on the other hand, the child's entire performance is delivered in a single shot.